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Performative Landscapes


Vores planlagte turné forår 2020 er udskudt. Nye datoer kommer op her.


Koreograf og performer: Tora Balslev
Komponist: Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
Kostumedesign: Lise Klitten
Lysdesign: Martin Danielsen
Dramaturg: Betina Birkjær
Koreografisk mentor: Kitt Johnson
Scenografisk konsulent: Lise Klitten
Vlog konsulent, film: Maia E. Sørensen
Afvikling: Jonathan Hjorth
Produktion: Gry Raaby
Administration: Projektcentret Dansehallerne
Assistent: Laura Hagen Aagaard
Kostume assistent: Geneviéve Tremblay
Foto: Jens Juul

About Nature's Calling (english)
Nature´s Calling
- A performance about connecting

Almost all of the building blocks of the Earth is inside your phone. Everything in the Universe consist of different elements, and out of the Earths 83 stable elements 70 enter into smartphones.

In Nature´s Calling Tora Balslev animates her smartphone. Through dance and music she calls upon the nature in the phone, giving it body and soul in a sensuous dimension. She embodies the smartphones components, letting them move and speak using her body as medium.

75% of English school kids wish that social media did not exist. Google, Twitter and facebook-employees who helped making the internet addicting are logging themselves off. Does gadgets designed to connect us instead make us disconnected to ourselves and the world around? How do we navigate and balance with these networks so close that they are almost part of our own body?

With Nature´s Calling we attempt to see our daily things from a new perspective, to create a sensuous and poetic anchor in the daily sphere and discuss what smartphones does to us and how we navigate in this new field. The performance unfolds the extract of our nature, culture and industrial history embedded in smartphones in order to better understand what we are holding in our hand and how to use it.

Nature´s Calling is a solo performance for audiences aged 16 years and up.

Research i Performative Landscapes Metropolis Residency
Tora Balslevs research til projektet City Matters, som Daily Fiction premierer sommer 2021.

Diary - From the transit hills of city matters
Tora Balslev
Dancer and performance artist

You remember a few minutes ago. A very short distance in time. You entered a gate. As you have entered into something else so many times before. Through this gate granites, gravel, sand, concrete, bricks, asphalt and earth float. Taking part in the choreography of the city. Reorganizing. Like everything else. 

Click to read the Research Diary

Naturen Kalder skabes i co-produktion med Bådteatret og i samarbejde med Hofteatret, Odin Teatret, Forsøgsstationen, Sisters Academy og Københavns Musikteater.
Forestillingen er støttet af Beckett-Fonden, Bikubenfonden, Oticon Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Dansk Artistforbund, Otto Bruuns Fond, Elsassfonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Københavns Kommune og Statens Kunstfond.