Handle with care

How do we navigate? Where do we end? Do the celestial bodies – the sun, moon and planets – resonate in us creating direction, movement and steps?

Seven months pregnant, the performer relates the shape of her body to the celestial bodies, on Dansehallernes Loona Night (held by full moon), in a “dance of the spheres”. In words and banners of text she relates this dance to the new life forming inside her as well as to her expectations, experiences and considerations about the social world around us.

The music of the piece is inspired by ”music of the spheres”, an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets as a form of music. The ”music” is not literally audible, but a harmonic and mathematical concept.

 The performance was also performed at BLINK, arranged by Daily Fiction i cooperation with Wunchmaschine and Ubåden. BLINK featured seven young auteurs presenting a new short work. In common for these works was a wish to try something out, take a risk, and share it with an audience.

Auteur and performer: Tora Balslev
Composer and electronics: Knud Riishøjgård

Photo: Mark Schram Christensen

Duration: 15 min.